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Supertuck Services

Please contact Brenden with any questions or to book services below


General Labor

$50 per 30 min.

This covers most general maintenance on your bicycle. Drivetrain & brake system adjustments, wheel truing, general bike fit issues, etc. Do you want to read a Denny's menu of pricing options for every part on your bike? No. Neither do I. This ensures a simple and time efficient way to work on your bike. If you need less than 30 minutes of work, it goes a la carte. Easy!


Tune-Up Singlespeed

$75   45 min.

This is exactly like the geared bike tuneup, but doesn't include adjustments to the shifting system, since there isn't one. 


Tuneup does not include bleeding of hydraulic braking systems. Add'l labor performed during a tuneup is 50% off!


Screenshot 2023-05-12 at 5.20.36 PM.png

Build Consultation

$50   60 min.

Sometimes you need work that isn't turning wrenches. Maybe you don't have anything to wrench on yet. This is how a lot of custom projects begin, with a good ol' fashioned conversation.

I've built a LOT of bikes and can advise on a build that we undertake together, or you may just need a solid dose of good unbiased information. I'll put on the coffee.


Tune-Up Geared

$100   1 hr.

This is a general tune up of your bike. It includes an inspection of all parts and systems, adjustment and tuning of shifting and braking*, and wheel truing.


Add'l labor performed during a tuneup is 50% off!


*Does not include bleeding of hydraulic braking systems


Full Overhaul

$200    2 hrs.

Has it been a really long time since you've given your bike love? Hearing and feeling some weird stuff? An overhaul may be what's needed.


In addition to the work done in a standard tuneup, an overhaul starts by thoroughly cleaning your bike. Parts are then removed, bearings are lubed, work is performed, and then your newly clean and assembled bike is ready to go.

Screenshot 2023-05-12 at 5.20.20 PM.png

Custom Parts Sourcing

Time & Cost vary per request

There are a bunch of parts you can't just open a catalog or website and order. Vintage, rare, custom made... all of these pose a problem if you need it and don't know how to find it. I'm a professional scavenger. Want a Kelly Bonestock? Me too! Let me source it for you.

We talk about your budget, you put down a deposit, I find it. Obviously there's a limit to finding the unfindable, but let's test it!


Get in Touch!

Supertuck Speedshop

252 Java St., Studio 130

Brooklyn, NY 11217


Hours vary - please call before coming in!

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