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General Labor

$50 per 1/2 hour

This covers most general maintenance on your bicycle. Drivetrain & brake system adjustments, wheel truing, general bike fit issues, etc. Do you want to read a Denny's menu of pricing options for every part on your bike? No. Neither do I. This ensures a simple and time efficient way to work on your bike. If you need less than 30 minutes of work, it goes a la carte. Easy!


Tune Ups

Geared - $100

Singlespeed - $75

Kids - $50

Full Overhaul - Add $100

Helpful if you can't pin down what's wrong with your bike or if it's just been a while.

A general tuneup will adjust most of the parts that make your bike function. If your bike is really in a bad way, an overhaul may be in order. If you're unsure which you need, we can go through it together. Tune ups don't include new parts, but you do get a labor break on anything installed during a tune up.



$50 per hour

Sometimes you need work that isn't turning wrenches. Maybe you don't have anything to wrench on yet. This is how a lot of custom projects begin, with a good ol' fashioned conversation. I've built a LOT of bikes and can advise on a build that we undertake together, or you may just need a solid dose of good unbiased information. I'll put on the coffee.

Custom Sourcing

Actual price + 20%

There are a bunch of parts you can't just open a catalog or website and order. Vintage, rare, custom made... all of these pose a problem if you need it and don't know how to find it. I'm a professional scavenger. Want a Colnago Jet? Me too! Let me source it for you. We talk about your budget, you put down a deposit, I find it. Obviously there's a limit to finding the unfindable, but let's test it!

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